Privacy Policy

Data Sharing

We do not share any personal identifiable information with our operating partners. However, we do share some user-generated data with the public and government entities upon request; this includes:

  • Scooter Reports
    • The information you enter including the location of the scooter violation and the image of the scooter violation. We do NOT share your first name of email address with ANYONE including our analytics software at Google Analytics.
  • Geofencing Requests
    • We share requests for geofences with the City of Miami and our scooter operator partners. Unless you say otherwise, we will not give your information out to the City or scooter operators. We will contact you and put you in touch with these entities to resolve your request.
    • If a geofence is accepted, it gets added to our list of no parking or no ride zones on GitHub in map form. This has no personally identifiable information.

We use Google Analytics (their Privacy Policy is here) to collect information about visitors to our site. By logging onto our site, you agree to share this data with Google and its parent company to help us better serve you. We do not serve anyone outside of the Miami-Dade County area, and as such, we do not comply with the European Union's GDPR requirement. You can, of course, at any time, request your information be taken off of our site and we will comply (simply send an email to, but understand that this will also remove any reports that you have submitted, potentially altering the score of a/an operator(s).

Requesting Data

Any member of the public, including government agencies, may request a summary of all scooter violation reports from our web application. This report DOES NOT contain any personally identifiable information, but it will contain the image that you submitted to us along with your report; this includes reports that were rejected for any reason.

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