Scooter Rules

The City of Miami established a code of scooter conduct. View the specific sections here:

Operating Rules

  1. Operators must re-verify identification on file for all riders on the first day of each quarter (2/1,5/1,8/1, and 11/1)
  2. No group rides on any operator’s application (activating multiple scooters from one account)
  3. Each company must implement financial incentives for corral parking and provide locations for all corrals in-app
  4. All operators must display an on-device disclaimer that only those over 18 years old may ride and that underage riding may incur a $250 fine
  5. Scooters may not operate past any City or County curfew when in effect
  6. Shared scooters may not operate at speeds faster than 10 MPH from the Rickenbacker Causeway to I-395 and no faster than 12 MPH in the rest of the program area.

Reportable Offences

  1. No More than 4 devices per vendor per city block may be deployed at once (in the morning or at rebalancing)
  2. Scooters may not park on any sidewalk less than or equal to 6', and they may not block access to any ADA ramps or cause any sidewalk to not have 36” of access..
  3. Scooters may not block business or property entrances, loading/service docks, or driveways.
  4. Only one rider may use a scooter at a time, tandem riding is not permitted under any circumstances and may result in termination of the user’s account.
  5. No individual under the age of 18 may use a scooter under any circumstances. The fine for this activity can be up to $250.
  6. Scooters may not park on private property unless allowed by the property owner or manager.
  7. Scooters must remain in an upright position and may not in any way block free access to the right of way.

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