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"Site" refers to the site of the Mobile Miami Coalition run by "us/we/our/the corporation" the Miami Riders Alliance, Inc.

General Website Usage

When you use our website and any of our web application tools, you agree that you do so fairly and in a manner that does not disrupt service for others who attempt to access our site fairly.

You agree to not overload our servers unnecessarily (through Distributed Denial of Service Attacks [DDOS Attacks]) or otherwise, and to consume content in a manner consistent with normal internet usage for an average individual.

The content published and collected via web forms on this application are owned by the Miami Riders Alliance, Inc. Any images that you submit to any of our applications will be used to deliver the services you request using that specific form. By uploading any content, you give us the right to use your image in a manner consistent with the services you requested through a non-exclusive license on the image.

The Scooter Reporting Tool

By using our scooter reporting tool form, you agree to the following:

  • You agree to receive communications from our system via Email in the following ways
    • For services you request
    • In following up for services you request
    • Notifying you of completion of services you request
  • You agree to not disparage or use this tool to disparage any participating party
  • You agree that you are not the staff and/or are not compensated by any participating party, and that you are not using this tool to disparage or unfairly target another party. If you are found to be breaking this rule, your employer or the party from which you received payment will be handed a 20 point grade reduction in this web application.
  • You agree that any image you send us using this tool will be used to carry out the reporting services you requested by submitting your report. You understand that it is sent to our operating partners and can be used for tracking purposes with anyone who requests this information from our organization.
  • You understand that anyone may request information (by contacting info@coalition.miami) that includes your report. This is public information that you are submitting.

Geofence Requesting Tool

By using our scooter reporting tool form, you agree to the following:

  • Your information, save for information about the building you represent, is confidential between our corporation and yourself as an individual in the capacity as your role with your building/property.

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